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KOOLNEE K1 wall paper data package

2018-5-8 08:51| Publisher: koolnee| Views: 614| Comments: 7

Description: Some users asked KOOLNEE K1 18:9 Wall paper recently, but the system consists a little wall paper, there are some wall papers to provide to download, thanks your supportforKOOLNEE!

This is the preview picture for KOOLNEE K1:

Some users asked KOOLNEE K1 18:9 Wall paper recently, but in system there are  little wall papers, I picked some most beautiful wall paper, these wall papers can be downloaded to your KOOLNEE K1, just like above preview appearance, wish you like them, thanks your support  for KOOLNEE!

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Latest comments

Quote Guest 2018-5-14 07:25
I have kept it into my phone
Quote Guest 2018-5-14 07:24
you can save it into your phone directly, cos the system does not contain these pictures
Quote obadland 2018-5-12 17:57
how are they downloaded, they are not in the phone
Quote koolnee 2018-5-11 06:44
In order to make users are capable of preview, so  to show these wall papers
Quote Guest 2018-5-10 03:48
why don't you  package it?
Quote Guest 2018-5-9 06:36
that frog looks so funny
Quote koolnee 2018-5-8 11:00
If you like it, you can share it to your friends

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